Nathan Bongiovanni

DSC_0634RTI’s Audio engineer and Creator & Founder of the drive show: The Pound – Nathan Bongiovanni

Music-man Nate is RTI’s audio-wizard, with his deep love and passion for music, he can be found spinning the finest tunes at Fox FM’s official RNB Fridays Club – Fabulous Fridays. He is also a regular at Superfly Sundays, playing to as many as 1300 people in just one night.

Nate has made appearances on FOX’s national show and has worked for KIIS & GOLD’s campaigns team. Presently he is the Marketing guru at GOLD FM and he hopes to someday take over the drive show at FOX FM.

Nate is also the host of the drive show The Pound which is hilarious in every shape and form, airing Friday to Sunday 4pm – 6pm.

He will also run his own solo music show on Saturday & Sunday 9am – 11 am.